Mind Coaching

Taking the next step

Let’s learn what Mind Coaching is and how it will help you.

Mind Coaching is a future orientated discipline which guides you from “where you are” to “where you want to be”. Coaching focuses on working consistently with you, to ensure that you are moving towards the right direction. Mind Coaching draws largely from NLP™, Cognitive and Behavioural Psychology as well as Neuroscience.

The philosophy of Mind Coaching is based on providing the tools, skills, capacities, attitude and aptitude for personal development, peak performance and excellence.The focus is on mental ability and agility. By developing these abilities, you can gain access to your own internal resources and as a result choose where you want to apply them in your own life. So, whether your focus is on business or on personal matters, our focus is to awaken your potentials so you can do what you do with the greatest satisfaction and to your highest level of performance.

What I can do for you.

Goal setting

After our discussion and after finding out “what you want” we will be working to achieve that. By using various tools and techniques, you will manage to overcome any obstacles that you find difficult, you will train your mind to think in a positive way and also to be oriented towards where you want to be.

Relationship management

In terms of relationship management, we will learn how to speak better to yourself, how to overcome your phobias, how to develop self-confidence, how to take a beautiful approach, and everything you need to properly manage your interpersonal relationships, your love affairs and to be able to communicate in a really healthy way.

Βusiness guidance

Business guidance and counseling is about studying and controlling your business, analyzing your business plan, marketing techniques, negotiation, financial management, advertising, and everything else you need in this area.


The trainings I provide, can be customized either to your personal needs or the needs of your business. You can read all the information about my trainings in the corresponding category.

What is the correct behavior of a Mind Coach?

A Mind Coach behaviour has to do with following some specific states and sharing them when working with you.These mental states are the epitome of successful Coaching.

Honesty and humor

It is very important for the Coach to be completely honest with you. He must be receptive to any problem he may encounter and not be tempted  to provide any ready solutions. The purpose of the Coach is to guide you. Having a good sense of humor is also necessary to help you find the funny side that is hiding within your challenges and limitations.

Awareness and curiosity

The Coach needs to be fully aware of his interaction with you. He must observe the words you use and your behavior and use his words and behavior correctly in order to guide you. He has to be curious enough to discover as much information as possible from you which will help him guide you in the way you want.

Determination and flexibility

Determination is one of the most basic features of the Coach. He must be absolutely determined to help you in any way he can, in order to achieve your goals. He also needs to be flexible enough to test various ways in order for you to achieve the necessary results.

Responsibility and creativity

The Coach has to be responsible for supporting you from the beggining to the end. It is also extremely important to be creative and think of ways to help you find solutions out of the box, thus widening the way you think.


The Coach needs to be very practical and focused on the usefulness of each action, focusing at maximizing your potential.

How it works

You contact with me

Since you have decided to work with me, the first step is to contact with me.


We schedule an appointment

The next step is to schedule a first appointment to discuss your needs.


We begin our collaboration

Based on what we’ve decided and agreed on our first date, we begin our collaboration.

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